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Located in Pennsylvania on the Maryland border at the intersection of Interstate 81, heavily traveled east/west (PA Route 16) and north/south (PA Route 11) highways, this agency provides fire protection, rescue and emergency medical services to the residents and visitors of Greencastle, Antrim Township, and surrounding communities.

With easy access and proximity to major population areas, our area has become a choice location for residential, commercial and industrial growth. Truck stops, shipping and distribution centers, manufacturing and other companies dot the first due- as do single family dwellings, apartment and townhouse complexes. Manitowoc, JerrDan, Food Lion, JLG, Norfolk Southern, Beck Manufacturing, Eldorado Stone, Tarco, Strait Steel, and World Kitchen are a few businesses that call our first-due home. 

Offering residents and customers fire suppression, emergency medical services, rescue, extrication, and hazardous materials operations response, constant familiarization and training with new technologies ensure successful service outcomes. Serving the residents of Greencastle and Antrim township for more than 100 years, the department is meeting the difficult demands of today's volunteer fire service and planning for its future.

No matter the occupancy or hazard, Rescue Hose Company and its personnel respond with expertise and professionalism.

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