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Responses for 2023 maintained pre-COVID levels for emergency medical services and were up slightly for fire and rescue assets. We continue to provide primary coverage to the municipalities of Antrim Township and Borough of Greencastle, as well as aiding neighboring departments through automatic (on initial dispatch) and mutual aid (when requested).

Of the 1,792 EMS responses last year, over 90% were to Greencastle (411) and Antrim Township (1,215). Fire and rescue apparatus responded to 701 calls last year- with over 67% being in our first due (Greencastle- 108, Antrim Township- 364).

Your help- along with the support of our municipal partners- allows us to continue providing these services on which you depend. Please consider getting an Ambulance Club membership, making a donation, supporting our fundraisers or become involved with our department. THANK YOU!

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