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09/24/2023- 2233 hours: Company 3 and 8 alerted to Interstate 81 northbound near mile marker 7 for a vehicle accident. Arriving to all lanes blocked by vehicles and a large debris field from the tractor-trailer versus pick-up/camper collision, personnel checked hazards and assisted EMS while requesting Fire Police detour traffic off the nearest exit prior to the incident (Exit 5- Buchanan Trail East). Squad 3 worked with Pennsylvania State Police and towing services to clear the travels lanes. Ambulance 8-8 transported one to Chambersburg Hospital and Ambulance 3-7 obtained transport refusals, with other units returning to service in ninety minutes.

NOTE: While operating to divert traffic with its warning lights and directional arrow engaged at Exit 5, Utility 8- Marion Volunteer Fire Department's Fire Police unit- was struck by a passing motorist. No injuries resulted but the unit was placed out of service.

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