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07/08/2023- 0251 hours: Squad 3 responded to Waynesboro, assisting Company 2 with fire in a townhouse at 367 Viewpoint Way. Fire was quickly contained and Squad crew staged for deployment before being placed in service by Command.

0406 hours: Company 3 alerted to the area of 14160 Hollowell Church Road for a vehicle fire. Enroute, Communications advised the fire was the result of a vehicle accident- auto overturned with a utility pole and wires down- occupant(s) out. Engine 3-1 directed EMS to one of those involved headed away from the scene, checked for hazards/occupants and extinguished the vehicle. Ambulance 3-7 transported to Meritus Medical Center and other units cleared after maintaining the road closure and removing debris- about ninety minutes.

1203 hours: RHC to assist Washington County Company 13 (Maugansville) at 14109 William Talcott Lane with a house fire. Engine 3-2 picked up 13's supply line and its crew worked suppression and overhaul for about seventy minutes before returning to service.

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