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Updated: Mar 25

03/18/2024- 1933 hours: Engine Tanker 3 assisted Washington County units with a large outside fire at the Washington County Landfill, 12630 Earth Care Road. Crew worked water supply for two hours before returning to service.

03/20/2024- 1430 hours: Company 3 to 14471 Hollowell Church Road for an industrial accident. After assisting EMS on the scene, Squad 3 established and staffed an aviation landing zone in the parking lot of Hollowell Brethern in Christ Church.

03/20/2024- 1451 hours: While crews operated on the accident/landing zone, RHC worked a brush fire in the area of 10180 Grindstone Hill Road involving two acres. Brush 3, Engine 3-1 and Engine Tanker 3 were assisted by Washington County Brush 27 and 9 with units clearing in ninety minutes.

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