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01/02/2024- 1530 hours: Box 3-04 alerted to Precision Manufacturing at 501 South Cedar Lane for a building fire. Greencastle Police Department reported smoke from the building on their arrival, confirmed by Engine 3-2's crew who stretched a handline to the building's interior. Employees using portable extinguishers contained the fire, with crews removing insulation and wetting down the area before returning to service.

01/04/2024- 1112 hours: Engine Tanker 3 transferred to Hagerstown Fire Department Station 3 on Eastern Boulevard to provide suppression water while maintenance crews repaired a water main break and County units worked rural water supply on an Interstate 70 vehicle fire.

01/05/2024- 2129 hours: From a transfer at Blue Ridge Fire Department, Engine 3-1 was called to 25609 Military Road, Washington County to support Maryland State Fire Marshals at a multi-family dwelling fire, clearing in 2.5 hours.

01/09/2024- 1301 hours: Engine Tanker 3 responded to assist Washington County, MD units with a house fire at 14117 Fairview Road. Crew worked water supply and operated on the fireground for about three hours.

01/11/2024- 1115 hours: Responding to 8877 Edenville/Cheesetown Road, St. Thomas Township for a dwelling fire, Engine Tanker 3 and its crew provided water supply and suppression support for 5.5 hours.

01/12/2024- 0129 hours: Box 3-18 alerted for a house fire in the area of 7783 Kuhn Road, Antrim Township. Crews arrived to several vehicles on fire to the rear of the address and spreading to a near-by garage, knocked down the flames and completed overhaul before clearing. Last unit cleared at 0228 hours.

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