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01/30/2024- 0924 hours: Squad 3 responded to assist Company 9 with a vehicle accident reported with entrapment near 10148 Welsh Run Road, Montgomery Township. Crew worked fire suppression, debris collection and recovery before clearing in two hours.

01/31/2024- 1`734 hours: Engine Tanker 3 to 15107 Hicksville Road, Washington County to assist Company 4 (Clear Spring) with a dwelling fire. Upon being released from the scene, ET-3 transferred to Clear Spring.

02/03/2024- 2012 hours: Squad 3 alerted to 500 Hollengreen Drive in Waynesboro to assist Company 24 with a vehicle accident- reported with entrapment and auto into a house. With the occupant removed prior to their arrival, Squad personnel checked the stability of the damaged residence before clearing.

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