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10/02/2023- 0716 hours: RHC responded for an auto accident to the rear of McDonald's, 721 Buchanan Trail East. Arriving to a single vehicle resting against a rock barrier, crew secured the car, checked for hazards and assisted EMS with occupant movement to the ambulance for transport.

10/03/2023- 2131 hours: Company 3 alerted to the West Walter Avenue and North Antrim Way intersection for an auto versus bicycle collision. Squad personnel and Fire Police provided traffic control for Ambulance 3-9, who transported one patient to Meritus Medical Center.

10/05/2023- 1623 hours: Squad 3, Car 3 and Ambulance 3-9 responded for a vehicle collided with the railroad underpass on West Madison Street at North Jefferson. Crews checked for hazards and assisted EMS with occupant movement. for transport to Meritus Medical Center.

10/06/2023- 1517 hours: RHC responded to the area of 764 Buchanan Trail East for a multi-vehicle collision, arriving to four autos blocking the westbound travel lane. EMS obtained transport refusals and Squad maintained traffic control through the busy area until the lanes were cleared- about forty-five minutes.

10/06/2023- 1628 hours: Company 3 to Molly Pitcher Highway South and Hykes Road for a vehicle accident, arriving to one auto off southbound shoulder and the other in a ditch off the northbound lane. Crew worked with EMS for occupant removal and assisted with alternate traffic routing. Ambulance 3-9 transported to Meritus and Fire Police remained for about forty-five minutes until the vehicle was removed.

10/08/2023- 0919 hours: Squad 3, Car 3, Ambulance 3-7 and 3-9 responded to the area of 12602 Molly Pitcher Highway South for an auto accident. Units arrived to two cars head-on and used hydraulic tools to remove a door to allow access to a confined occupant. EMS transported to Meritus Medical Center while personnel applied absorbent and moved debris before clearing in about thirty five minutes.

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