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06/19/2024- 2040 hours: RHC and Washington County units alerted for a vehicle accident on Interstate 81 at mile marker 1 northbound. Crews located a single auto into the guardrail blocking the Exit 1 on-ramp and no one around it. Fire and EMS units cleared when Pennsylvania State arrived with Fire Police remaining to assist them.

06/21/2024- 1442 hours: Engine 3-1 to 800 Leitersburg Road for wires down, arriving to a large piece of farm equipment tangled in overhead electric and communication wires. Setting up traffic control for the impassable roadway, personnel made contact with the operator to stay in the vehicle and requested utilities to the scene. The operator and arriving passers-by attempted to free the rig from the wires with little regard for the hazards. West Penn Power secured their lines and the equipment was moved. Xfinity moved the cable off the road and Fire Police cleared at 1658 hours.

06/21/2024- 1652 hours: Company 3 responded for a vehicle accident on Buchanan Trail East at Hollowell Church Road. Crews arrived to several heavily damaged vehicles and a large debris field in the roadway. Squad crew applied absorbent to spilled fluids and cleared auto parts from the travel lanes, Ambulance 3-7 transported one occupant to Meritus Medical Center and Ambulance 2-9 obtained a transport refusal.

06/21/2024- 1743 hours: Personnel alerted for a motorcycle accident in the 2800 block of Buchanan Trail East. Ambulance 2-9 transported to Meritus Medical Center from the one vehicle incident. Fire Police cleared the area at 1809 hours.

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