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04/12/2023- 1220 hours: Personnel kicked off the day with Brush 3 assisting Company 18 (St. Thomas) with a brush fire in the area of 5005 Bullitt Road;

1409 hours: Engine Tanker 3 and Squad 3 responded for the house on fire- 3290 Parks Drive, Guilford Township, working with Company 17 (New Franklin);

04/13/2023- 1645 hours: Engine Tanker 3 responded to 14000 Blairs Valley Road, Washington County, MD to assist with water supply on a mountain fire;

1914 hours: Brush 3 to 3687 Oak Hill Road, Quincy Township to assist with an outside fire;

1932 hours: While returning from Blairs Valley Road, Engine Tanker 3 was alerted to respond to 81988 Corner Road, Montgomery Township to work an outside fire with Company 9 (Mercersburg);

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