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02/11/2024- 1939 hours: RHC checked a reported odor of natural gas on Buchanan Trail East in the area of the Greencastle Livestock Auction. After metering the parking area and around a Columbia Gas pump station with no flammable levels found, crews staged for the arrival of a utility representative, turning over the scene to them upon arrival and returning to service.

02/12/2024- 1928 hours: Engine 3-1 investigated wires across the roadway at the intersection of West Madison and North Jefferson Streets in Greencastle. Confirming a low communication wire due to a damaged pole from last month, personnel maintained traffic control of the obstructed lane until the utility arrived to return the wire to its proper height.

02/13/2024- 1344 hours: Company 3 responded for a vehicle accident in front of 445 Mason Dixon Road, XPO Logistics arriving to the roadway blocked by the tractor-trailer and pick-up truck incident. After checking for hazards and obtaining transport refusals, apparatus cleared while Fire Police remained for an additional thirty minutes until the vehicles were moved.

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