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Another week of different call types for the folks in South County:

09/19/2023- 1813 hours: Company 3 responded for a vehicle on fire in the area of 8050 Molly Pitcher Highway, Antrim Township. Arriving to fire in the contents of a trailer towing dump truck, crew cooled the container and then extinguished the large logs/tree pieces after they were dumped off the roadway.

09/20/2023- 0722 hours: Box 3-04 alerted to Greencastle Antrim High School at 300 South Ridge Avenue for an odor of natural gas in the building. Personnel investigated the area where the smell was reported, then metered the remainder of the building with cause or no hazards found. The natural gas provider arrived and worked with fire crews to again check all areas- with negative results- before the facility was released to the School District.

09/20/2023- 1837 hours: RHC alerted for a pedestrian versus auto accident in the area 2371 Buchanan Trail West. Crews assisted EMS with patient care and traffic control, with Ambulance 3-8 transporting to Meritus Medical Center.

09/21/2023- 1133 hours: Squad 3 assisted Company 9 (Mercersburg) with a high concentration of gas in a residence- 9423 Orchard Drive, Montgomery Township. Personnel deployed fans and metered the building for about ninety minutes until levels returned to a non-hazardous range.

09/22/2023- 0715 hours: Company 3 and Washington County Company 13 responded to Interstate 81 southbound near mile marker 1 for a pedestrian accident. Arriving units confirmed patient condition, checked hazards and established traffic control for the incident, remaining to assist Pennsylvania State Police and County agencies for approximately 1.75 hours.

09/22/2023- 1756 hours: Engine 3-1 alerted for fluid on the roadway- Williamsport Pike at Hykes Road. Personnel applied absorbent to diesel fuel spread on both sides of the intersection and notified Antrim Township Emergency Management before clearing.

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