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01/15-17/2024: Crews responded multiple times for reports of smoke in the area of 15300 North Young Road, the site of a supervised of trees for property development. While proper notifications were made, some Interstate 81 motorists and residents contacted 9-1-1 and RHC personnel confirmed the cause of the smoke each time.

01/17/2024- 0341 hours: RHC responded to 8642 Molly Pitcher Highway at AJ Pallet Company for a vehicle fire. Second call reported a smoldering fire at the top of accumulated trash in garbage truck, with Engine 3-1's crew monitoring for elevated temperatures and wetting down the area.

01/18/2024- 1332 hours: Box 3-04 alerted for a dwelling fire at 266 Hamilton Avenue in Greencastle. Personnel extinguished a small fire inside the duplex and ventilated before returning to service.

01/19/2024- 1810 hours: Company 3 and Washington County Company 13 responded to Interstate 81 southbound in the area of mile marker 1 for a vehicle collision. Arriving to a single SUV off the roadway into the median cable barrier, crew set up lane control and checked for hazards as EMS obtained transport refusals. Squad 3 remained to assist Pennsylvania State Police and towing until the vehicle was removed.

01/22/2024- 0852 hours: Box 3-13 alerted for an inside investigation- odor of electrical burning- at 120 Pine Drive, Sports Inn. Personnel investigated and found no cause/hazard in the business, but located and secured a roof-mounted heating/air conditioning/ventilation that appeared to malfunctioning.

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