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03/21/2024- 1859 hours: Engine 3-1 alerted to transfer to 790 Potomac Avenue- Hagerstown Fire Department Engine 2- while their crews worked an apartment building fire. At 1909 hours, the second alarm was struck calling Engine 3-1 to the scene at 673 Oak Hill Avenue. Crews assisted water supply and staffing hose lines for nearly five hours until placed in service by Command.

03/22/2024- 1357 hours: Engine 3-2 to 18249 Phoenix Drive, Washington County at Phoenix Color for a building fire. Personnel reported for assignment while E3-2 staged at a near-by hydrant. Investigation revealed an equipment issue in the building and units cleared.

03/24/2024- 0555 hours: Box 3-13 alerted for a mobile home fire- 12740 Molly Pitcher Highway, Lot 33. Upon arrival, resident reported the fire out and crews accessed the underside to wet down smoldering insulation from an electrical wiring short and checked the interior for any extension, clearing in forty-five minutes.

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