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07/19/2023- 1532 hours: Units responded to the area of 2753 Buchanan Trail West for a two vehicle vehicle collision, arriving to one auto in the travel lane and the other off the eastbound shoulder. Crews removed the door for access to the driver of the car with EMS obtaining refusals and one transport to Meritus Medical Center. Squad 3 and Engine 3-1 returned after clearing debris/fluids while Fire Police remained until the roadway was cleared- about seventy minutes.

07/21/2023- 1403 hours: Engine 3-1 alerted for wires down at 200 South Antrim Way, Antrim Way Honda. First arriving units confirmed no hazards from a tractor-trailer attempting to turn around knocked down a lot light. Scene turned over to Greencastle Police.

07/22/2023- 10000 hours: Personnel attended the Junior Firefighter Academy graduation ceremony to support one of ours, Brady Papa. Congratulations to all that completed the week-long program and THANK YOU to the instructors, staff and all that supported it. (Most asked question from the last academy post- yes, the ice cream has arrived)

07/22/2023- 1134 hours: RHC to the area of 3360 Buchanan Trail West for an auto accident- arriving to one vehicle blocking the eastbound and another in a lawn off the westbound lane, no injuries. Squad personnel mitigated fluids and cleared debris, going in service in thirty minutes. Fire Police maintained traffic control until 1245 hours.

07/22/2023- 1829 hours: Squad 3, Ambulance 3-8 and Medic 203 responded to 8800 Rabbit Road North for a single vehicle accident, one off the roadway after striking a pole. Fire Police secured the scene, Squad 3 team assisted EMS and provided pole information to Communications for utility notification.

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