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07/03/2024: With Independence Day looming, we expect the usual celebrations and gatherings to take place. Just so EVERYONE has the same information, here are some facts:

-There is currently not a ban on open burning in Greencastle or Antrim Township. While the Borough has much stricter ordinances limiting it, a ban is not yet in place. This is partially due to our residents using care when burning, but- if dry conditions continue or that vigilance doesn't continue- a ban may be required.

-Use of consumer fireworks in the Borough of Greencastle is PROHIBITED with NO exception. (Ordinance 2023-03)

-House Bill 542 (enacted on 10/30/2017) allows Commonwealth citizens to purchase "consumer grade fireworks". Listed prohibitions on their use include:

  1. A person may not discharge fireworks on public or private property without express consent to do so.

  2. Fireworks cannot be discharged within or thrown from a motor vehicle or building.

  3. Fireworks cannot be discharged into or at a motor vehicle, building or another person.

  4. Fireworks cannot be discharged while the the person is under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance or another drug.

  5. Fireworks cannot be discharged within 150 feet of an occupied structure.

Celebrate America's independence, but please do it safely. Remember that many pets do not cope well with loud noises or explosions.

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