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11/10/2023- 2009 hours: Companies 3 and Washington County 13 responded to Interstate 81 northbound in the area of mile marker 4 for a personal injury collision. Crews checked the area and located a struck animal on the shoulder but no other vehicles and units were placed in service.

11/13/2023- 0936 hours: Engine 3-2 to Pete and Gerry's Organics at 104 Commerce Avenue for an automatic fire alarm.

11/14/2023- 1915 hours: Company 3 to the area of 13640 Molly Pitcher Highway South for a vehicle into a utility pole. Squad 3 crew mitigated a small fluid leak and EMS obtained transport refusals before clearing.

11/14/2023- 2235 hours: RHC and Washington County Company 13 alerted for a vehicle fire in the area of the Pennsylvania Welcome Center, Interstate 81 northbound. After checking the parking area and both ramps, unable to locate the vehicle or any hazards.

11/15/2023- 0924 hours: Engine Tanker 3 to Hagerstown Regional Airport, 18434 Showalter Road for an aircraft emergency. Plane landed safely and the response was downgraded.

11/15/2023- 1432 hours: Engine 3-2 responded for an automatic fire alarm at 121 Commerce Avenue, AWS Logistics. Activation caused by refilling the protection system- no services needed.

11/16/2023- 0206 hours: Engine Tanker to assist Company 9 (Mercersburg) with a mountain fire in the area of 3570 Mountain Road, Peters Township. Crew supplied Fulton Brush 56 and Engine Tanker 9 before returning to service in about ninety minutes.

11/16/2023- 0353 hours: Units responded to Interstate 81 northbound near mile marker 2 for a motor vehicle accident, arriving to two autos on the shoulder and a delivery truck in the median cable barriers. Personnel confirmed no injuries or hazards before clearing in about twenty minutes.

11/16/2023- 1614 hours: Company 3 and Company 8 responded to Molly Pitcher Highway South and Kauffman Road for a vehicle accident, arriving to two vehicles involved. Ambulance 3-8 transported to Chambersburg Hospital and Ambulance 8-9 transported to Meritus Medical Center with units clearing at 1724 hours.

11/16/2023- 1809 hours: Squad 3, Utility 3, Ambulance 3-8 and Medic 23-31 to South Washington and Leitersburg Streets for a pedestrian accident. Arriving to a skateboarder struck, Ambulance 3-8 transported to Chambersburg Hospital and the scene was turned over to Fire Police and Greencastle Police Department.

11/17/2023- 1904 hours: Company 3 responded for a vehicle accident in the area of 9577 Browns Mill Road, arriving to a single auto into a utility pole with wires down. No patient for EMS, pole information was supplied to Franklin County and Fire Police controlled traffic through the area.

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